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Can you relate to these situations...

  • You shy away from important things because certain topics always end up in arguments

  • You can never agree on chores, and end up either doing them out of frustration or just leaving things undone

  • You feel unfulfilled and often find yourself blaming your partner or others in your life

  • You feel more like co-parents or roommates than lovers

  • You often feel resentment towards your partner, sometimes without even knowing why

  • Intimate moments are few and lacking in connection

  • All the recent "together time" is removing the mystery and magic you had

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A message from your instructors

From Erin: 

I have a confession. 

As a former Acupuncturist and Yoga teacher for almost 20 years, most people thought I had my life together.

But a few years ago, I realized just how deeply I was sabotaging myself.

I was an expert at ruining my relationships, shying away from professional opportunities and saying no to every dream I had.

After I got married and had my first child things got real.

I was determined to create a life worthy of my beautiful family. I wanted to look in the mirror and LOVE the person I saw.

And today I am proud to say I have created a life for myself and my family that I couldn't have dreamed possible all those years ago. 

I am here to teach you everything you need to know to create a healthier relationship with your partner, your family and yourself.

As a Master Certified Relationship Coach, I look forward to supporting you as you end the cycle of arguments and resentment and learn to love and enjoy your partner and your life again.

I know that working on your relationship and on yourself can be intimidating—especially if you don't have a guide. 

But you can do this. Sometimes all we need is the smallest step forward to give us the confidence that real change is possible.

So if you want to be more than just roommates with kids and remember why you and your partner got together in the first place, I can help. 

Take the first step and sign up now for this course. Don't wait until it's too late to invest in your relationship.

From Steve:

Being a Love Coach and guiding people towards their dream relationships is a bit of a surprise to me.

You see, I was first married in 2002, divorced by 2005. I was celibate for almost a decade, meditating for hours a day while living in a spiritual community. 

My only focus was enlightenment.

And what did I discover at the end of all this? 

Relationships are everything.

If you aren't happy with your self and the people you are sharing your life with, it casts a shadow over everything else you're doing

It's like driving a car with one foot on the brake: you'll make progress but it will be slow and painful.

So I devoted that same passion I had for spiritual insight and growth towards developing a thriving relationship and helping others do the same.

That's why I can't wait for you to join me and Erin in this course. We're pulling back the curtain on the secrets we've used to make our relationship a source of inspiration, growth, and love.

We'll show you how to achieve the same.

The best part is that your partner does not have to be interested in any of this for the course to work. The course reveals all the sources of power that are in your hands right now, so you can have the wildly beautiful relationship you dream of.

That's not to say that it will be easy—I've never found anything worthwhile that is—but it will be fun, enlightening, and empowering.

Ready to do this? Let's go!

A 3-part plan for your relationship success

What to expect:

  • New tools

    Each week, you will get a video and text-based lesson introducing a new relationship tool to help you better understand yourself and your partner.

  • Practice time

    Through guided workbooks and practical assignments, you will discover your own path to the relationship of your dreams.

  • Coaching

    Get support on individual and live group coaching calls so you can make consistent progress.

Registration is currently closed.
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What others say about the course...

Helped me show up in a way I am proud of

by Sasha S., Movement Instructor

My biggest relationship struggle was communication and falling into old patterns and ways of thinking. I had become too comfortable in my long-term relationship and felt like we weren’t challenging ourselves to grow and improve how we communicate, which prompted me to take the course to learn new things.

Erin's course has really helped me clean up my thinking and be a lot more honest in my communication to show up in our relationship in a way that I am proud of. The thought work was really powerful and could be applied to all of my relationships – personal and professional.

Helped me to shift the internal dialogue, and work towards spending energy on the things I WANT to spend it on.

Elianna B.

This course has helped me to realize how much time I spend projecting my expectations out onto others, and getting upset when they aren't met. It has helped me to shift the internal dialogue, and work towards spending energy on the things I WANT to spend it on.

I would definitely recommend this program to people struggling. A lot of the advice read online or in books comes from a well meaning space, but it's all different ways of talking about how to get what you want. This course takes an approach that I find more realistic in that, adults will do what they want. So, learn what you're able to do with that. I like knowing that the outcome is within my own self talk.

Your investment

How much is the relationship of your dreams worth?

Society tells us it's normal to invest in a wedding.

But it's not okay to spend money improving your relationship (unless you're doing something expensive like going on a fancy vacation).

But that's backwards. Given that most of your relationship happens after the wedding, doesn't it make more sense to invest in that part of it?

Also, how valuable would it be to you if your relationship were energizing, easy, and even fun?

How productive and creative could you be if you and your partner acted like a team that supported each other, rather than being at odds so often? (And this isn't even considering the cost of the relationship falling apart, i.e. divorce.)

How would you like to be able to talk to your partner about anything—yes, even that—without fearing the worst?

A relationship like this would certainly be priceless. 

But if we had to put a price on it we wouldn't be out of line to say it's worth millions of dollars. Or at least in the hundreds of thousands.

But the Revitalize Your Relationship 8-week Course doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Your investment is only $1997 $897 CAD (that's around $667 USD).

And you get lifetime access to the material and upgrades, so you can continue learning and growing after the course is finished.

What the course covers:

  • 1

    Your Assumptions and Default Beliefs

    • Welcome Video and Schedule

    • Week 1 — Awareness video lesson

    • Week 1 — Awareness workbook

    • What came up for you this week?

  • 2

    The "Perfect Partner Playbook"

    • Week 2 — "Perfect Partner Playbook" video lesson

    • Week 2 — "Perfect Partner Playbook" workbook

    • What came up for you this week?

  • 3

    Thought Leaps

    • Week 3 — Thought Leaps video lesson

    • Week 3 — Thought Leaps workbook

    • What came up for you this week?

  • 4

    Difficult Conversations

    • Week 4 — Difficult Conversations video lesson

    • Week 4 — Difficult Conversations workbook

    • Difficult Conversations Visual Guide

    • What came up for you this week?

  • 5

    The Big 4: Sex, Money, Daily Life, and Shared Values

    • Week 5 — The Big 4: Sex, Money, Daily Life, Shared Values video lesson

    • Week 5 — The Big 4: Sex, Money, Daily Life, Shared Values workbook

    • Shared Values Podcast

    • Questions from this week?

  • 6

    Empowered Partnership

    • Week 6 — Empowered Partnership video lesson

    • Week 6 — Empowered Partnership workbook

    • What questions do you have?

  • 7

    Letting Go of Resentment

    • Week 7 — Letting Go of Resentment video lesson

    • Week 7 — Letting Go of Resentment workbook

    • Ask your questions here.

  • 8

    Ongoing Practice

    • Week 8 — Ongoing Practice video lesson

    • Week 8 — Ongoing Practice workbook

    • Ask your questions here

Additional bonuses

  • Direct access

    Get personal, confidential responses from Erin and Steve to your questions and challenges so you can make consistent progress. This bonus is delivered via voice recording using a tool called Voxer and is usually reserved only for private clients.

  • Ask the Coaches

    Post on the members-only Ask the Coaches forum to share what's on your mind and learn from other participants. Nothing helps clarify a question like putting it in writing. It's like having access to Dear Abby just for your relationship.

  • Live group calls

    Sometimes hearing other people getting help with their challenges reveals the biggest insights. You will receive bi-weekly group coaching calls as part of the course to help you put what you're learning into practice. Calls will be recorded so you'll never miss a session.

Let's look at the benefits of this course

Over the 8 weeks you will discover:

  • How to navigate difficult conversations, so you can bring up "hot button" topics in a supportive, authentic way and not always end up in an argument

  • How to make requests so that you feel heard, rather than building up silent resentment

  • How to create relationship habits that help you feel love and passion again

  • How to start acting like a team, so you can realize the true potential of your relationship

  • How to let go of resentment

  • New approaches to enhancing your daily life, including sex, chores and money

What's the Cost of Not Taking Action?

Still thinking about it? Consider this...

In 8 weeks time, you could either...

  • Be happier in your relationship than you ever have been
  • Experience more connection to yourself, your partner, and your dreams together
  • Enjoy more peace at home and in your heart


  • Find your home life still stuck in a rut
  • Build more resentment and distance between you and your partner
  • Leave your dreams on the shelf for a yet "later" time

Don't let another day pass without taking action to improve the most important things in life: our relationships.

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Note: the special bonus includes only one 1:1 coaching slot per course seat. So if you and your partner both want private coaching, you should register separately.